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Open day at Stafford Cremetorium

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Open day at Stafford Cremetorium

Exclusive opportunity for Greenacre Innovations to showcase their unique burial system

Glorious sunshine greeted visitors and exhibitors to the Green Flag award winning Stafford Crematorium when they recently opened their doors to the public.  This offered an informal look around at their award winning crematorium, cemetery grounds and buildings including newly installed state of the art cremators.  There were displays of memorial stability, grave digging, and from Greenacre Innovations, a first time look at their innovative new space spacing burial system as well as calligraphy, floral trubutes from their on-site cafe and florist Hearts and Flowers plus vintage vehicles specially adapted for use as hearses.

Greenacre Surpass Expectations

Greenacre were invited to show and demonstrate our unique, Eternal Family Burial System. Our fully installed system provides for any predetermined number of modular grave chambers to whatever specified depth requested by the operator.  Our system is manufactured using the latest technologies in SMC Composite materials as currently used in the automotive and aerospace industries which in tests proved to be stronger an more durable than concrete materials.  As welll as providing a secure preformed cemetery system that can hold up to four coffins plus cremeted remains, it can also be configured as a memorial garden for the retention of created remains only.

Addressing all aspects of Health & Safety

Visitors were able to compare traditional methods of burial against that of our state of the art Greenacre System which delivers the most averse and best practice approach to burial whilst maintaining traditional values. It addresses H & S concerns for cemetery staff as there is no excavating or potential for cave-ins.  As the system incorporates the Greenacre Eclipse Coffin Lowering Device the additional H & S concerns are addressed.   For the public there are no spoil heaps or uneven ground which presents greater care and dignity.  The integral non slip surfaces offer safe and easy access for wheelchair users or people with mobility difficulties.

Ground Utilisation Incomparable!!!

The Eternal Family Burial System efficiently utilises every square metre of space, the six units installed (including pathways) has an overall footprint of just over 18 square metres which on average provides twice as many graves for the operator when compared to a traditional cemetery layout, or any other burial system available, with significantly reduced operating costs.  We received both a warm welcome from Tony Evans and his team and a very positive reaction from both council officials and public alike.  Greenacre also received an extremely enthuasiastic write up in the Guardian newspaper who covered the event.

Greenacre Innovations Breaking News

Greenacre will be announcing shortly a ground breaking addition to their product range.  Exciting links to new affiliated partners to be announced also.

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