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Welcome to Greenacre Innovations Limited

Greenacre have developed a New Environmentally Engineered Ground Stabilisation Solution that provides a practical solution to the growing issues of rising operational costs, best land use and long term cemetery provision. Its unique design has been fully patented and creates a traditional yet modern approach to cemetery interment management whilst at all times maintaining traditional family values for all faiths.

The modular subterranean system is structurally designed to utilise new or unsuitable ground whilst aesthetically blending into any cemetery landscape. Once installed the system will completely eliminate any grave subsidence or collapse thus further providing a safety measure to both operatives and the public. The system can guarantee from one to four interments upon pre-determined request and on average this can yield a 50% increase on the number of grave plots achievable within any given area when compared to that of traditional cemetery layout.

If necessary the system may also be elevated partially above ground and backfilled to avoid any high water table levels.

The Greenacre system can be tailored to any specified length, width or depth to accommodate oversized coffins or caskets and our scientifically engineered ERF Grave Cushions significantly reduce noxious gases and carcinogenic contaminates that pose an environmental threat to our natural drinking water source.

As part of our pioneering “Protecting the Environment Initiative” our focus is to improve Environmental and operational change.

Welcome to Greenacre
Greenacre's new interlocking Burial System can be tailored in depth to guarantee from one up to four interments upon pre-determined request
Brick built graves
Greenacre competently supply brick graves with inclusive load baring slatted concrete tops that supports vehicular traffic weight.
Single Grave Support Box
Greenacre have developed a removable Grave Support Box, tailored in depth, that prevents cave-in anytime prior or during interment which can then easily be removed and if necessary will permit internal access for operatives at any time if required.
Concrete Burial Chambers
Greenacre have introduced a new range of concrete burial chambers for all muslin and minority faith including single and double chambers which can be sealed, bottomless, waterproofed and offer a reduced environmental impact
Ground Stabilisation Solution
Greenacre's Stabilisation Shoring System blends seamlessly into any cemetery environment whilst providing operational savings and dignified surrounding for the bereaved
Increase Grave Plots
Greenacre have designed and installed both a lidded and Subterranean Burial System which on average achieves 50% more grave plots when compared to traditional cemetery layout.
New Greenacre “Self Assembly” Burial System
Lightweight assembly ideal for inaccessible areas, 100 years longevity, ethical use of recycled polymers otherwise destined for landfill or ocean pollution.
Tailored Mausoleum designs
Greenacre and our collaborative partners offer a traditional or bespoke Mausoleum design and build service that uniquely addresses environmental concerns, offers quality and detail at a competitive cost tailored to the clients budget and requirements.
Niche wall for the retention of ashes
Tailored Niche Walls from our “Reflection” Modern Memorial range in stunning top quality Stainless Steel
Adjustable "Spider" Grave Frame
Greenacre's "Spider" frame promotes safe working practice by offering a simplesolution for the interment of coffins within densely populated monumental memorialisation, compatible with any lowering device the frame can support up to 450kg
Prestige Granite Vaults
Prestigious London Vault construction project successfully completed
Greenacre Engineered Ground Stabilisation System
Greenacre Stabilisation System can utilise any unsuitable or unstable ground conditions therefore extending the life of your cemetery.
Greenacre Stabilisation System
Greenacre's Stabilisation System guarantees no grave subsidence or collapse prior, during or after any interment. Excavations are made simple with exact quantity of earth excavated only.
Grey Water Neutralising Cushion
Greenacre have developed and Patented a proven cost effective solution to address multiple contaminates and gases found within cemetery “Grey Waters” this pioneering scientific advancement has been tested through Queens University Belfast