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Protect the health of your cemetery operatives and our natural environment
Scientifically engineered, guaranteed to reduce toxic cemetery pollution

photoGreenacre Innovations Ltd have developed an Environmental Remediation Formula to combat the health and safety concerns of cemetery operators, their staff and the public from inhalation or direct contact with noxious chemicals such as formaldehyde and potential other known burial contaminates whilst further protecting our future environment and natural drinking water resource.

Application of our ERF extends to within coffins and to every traditional burial whether it is earthen, walled, woodland or vaulted

The ERF liners, including the packaging are 100% Environmentally Neutral.

ERF liners are easily handled and should be stored in a cool dry place for any given amount of time. They pose no risk whatsoever to the manufacturer, operator or our natural environment.

The ERF solution has full patent protected technology and is registered within the UK and Ireland.

Prior to any burial the ERF liner may be placed at the bottom of a coffin or grave (One liner per infant or child and two liners joined end to end via the peel-off adhesive strip for every adult up to 70kg weight on average) Leachates are then absorbed, filtered and decontaminated significantly before being dispersed into the groundwater.

We recognise existing soils will vary on a site by site basis, therefore with over twice the amount of recommended formula in each liner we can absolutely guarantee that a significant reduction in contamination from known Formaldehyde pollution is achievable, even in a worse case scenario.

The product will be available in two forms. The standard liner is designed to be used for every grave including those with wet or saturated ground where no contaminated soils have been identified or where contaminated soils have been identified, and where any other constraint issue or degree of contaminated pollution may exist.

The pillow liner, is designed to be discretely and sensitively placed within the base of a coffin or casket.

The ERF liner may be tailored on a site by site basis to suit your particular contamination issue.

A fully substantiated report on the risks to the environment and human health posed from Formaldehyde along with testing results by leading UK Universities has been presented to the Northern Ireland Department Of Environment.

Contrary to official guidance, leading Experts warn that all of the Formaldehyde does not dissipate, it simply dilutes over time and therefore must remain a threat to human health, our air, soil and water environment.

As there is insufficient reliable evidence on the long term effects from Formaldehyde, and until this becomes available, clear duty of care measures should be taken by the governing authorities to protect the environment and human health.

This may contribute to councils achieving EU targets on protecting the environment. All rights reserved. For further information contact www.greenacreinnovations.com.

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